Welcome to Martini English


Who are we?

Our goal is to provide a fun and casual way to learn spoken English. Not only do we teach you how to speak English, but we also help you build confidence and how to have interesting meaningful conversations about any topic, from movies to current events. We believe that languages are not taught in a class room but by going out, talking, and interacting with people. That is why, at Martini English, we do not teach in class rooms but at quiet bars and lounges for a casual, relaxed, and fun atmosphere. Also, with Martini English, we will always buy your first drink of the night for every class.

With our staff of experienced and fun teachers combined with our excellent curriculum will ensure that your English level will improve as will your confidence and ability to interact with people in any situation. Our classes are also extremely flexible and we can adapt them to your needs and wishes. We like to teach the way you like to learn so if you prefer to learn about a specific topic or learn from a specific book let our teachers know and they will be glad to work with you.

Contact us by email at contact@martinienglish.com or call/message the number 186-0017-2992. We will get back to you as soon as possible to set up a time and and place where we can discuss getting you started with Martini English as soon as possible. Your first lesson is free so there is no reason not to give us a try. Contact us and start learning now.