Our Classes

Here at Martini English we focus on a casual lively environment so you are comfortable and engaged while you learn. Part of creating a entertaining environment is having a nice cocktail, refreshing beer, or a glass of wine just like you would with a good friend. However, one problem when grabbing a drink with a friend is fighting over who pays the bill. Luckily, Martini English will always pay for your first drink at every lesson.

Our curriculum is focused on social topics that will come up in every day conversations and use them to teach you grammatical concepts to improve your English while simultaneously providing an engaging and fun lesson. We combine every day social topics as well as current events so that you will be fully equipped to confidently handle a variety of social situations.

However our classes are also very flexible and can be changed to suit your personal needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver exactly what you want. We can alter or add topics that you enjoy, discuss one of your favorite books, or just discuss what is on your mind. Do you have a big presentation or report in English coming up? Then no problem, we will gladly work with you to make sure it is perfect.

Finally, one of our main focuses is teaching confidence. We want all our students to not only speak English well, but also be confident and social people that can go into any situation and talk to anybody in a strong and engaging way.


  • One on One

One on one classes are the many people's preferred way of learning. This class allows for more direct learning and are easily tailored to fit what you want to learn and your learning style. You will be paired with one our amazing teachers who will give you a free first lesson as you two discuss your goals for the course and how you wish to learn. One on one lasses are 350 RMB for 60 minutes and, as always, include one free drink with every lesson.


  • Small Group

What's better than going out and grabbing some drinks with a group of friends? Our group classes are meant to feel like you are having a casual conversation with buddies over drinks. You and four other students will be assigned one of our amazing teachers and discuss weekly topics once a week for an hour. We can also do private group classes for just you and your friends so you can all learn together. Group classes are 200 RMB a person for 60 minutes, as always, includes one free drink with every lesson.

To sign up for one of our classes email enrollment@martinienglish.com or call/message us at 186-0017-2992 and we will work out what times, locations, and teachers that are good for you.