Our Teachers

We select all our teachers not only for their teaching ability but also for their personality. At Martini English  our teachers are outgoing, confident, interesting, and most importantly, fun. You will not only just learn from our teachers but also come to see them as friends that you love to come and talk about your day with. 



Marcos Cronander

Marcos is a teacher and Martini English's academic director. He studied education and classical studies at the University of California Santa Cruz while working with high school English language learners. After graduation he then moved to Beijing as the head teacher of of one of Best Learning's largest schools. After a year and a half he was transferred to Shanghai and promoted to regional academic supervisor.  He is also provides consulting to Essential English Through Music.













Alex Foster

Alex is Martini English's Director of Operations. After studying International relations at the University of California Santa Barbra he moved to Guangzhou to study Chinese and teach English.  After living there a year he moved to Shanghai and is now working as a marketing consultant in addition to working with Martini English. 














Trevor Barton

Trevor was an English teacher in Barcelona for over 2 years. Over the past years, has worked part-time as a language assistant at a children’s academy while simultaneously conducting private English lessons on his own with professionals in the fields of law and medicine. He now works For Web English as well as Martini English, here in Shanghai.









Thomas Ryland

Thomas came to Beijing three years ago originally working for Best Learning as an English teacher, he was quickly promoted to head teacher of one of Best Learning's new centers. He also has experience working with companies such as Microsoft and Sennheiser teaching their staff on the job English. Thomas now lives in Shanghai Working with both Best Learning and Martini English.